I do hope all students will check this area of the site often. Here I will try to post links to any external materials that may be of interest. Whether it is an artist's website, a video clip or an upcoming exhibition.

22/12/2012 2:33pm

Christmas Quiz

A Big merry Christmas to everyone... If you get too full of turkey and want to take a break why not try one of these Art Quizzes.


Self Portraits Quiz


Guardian Art Quiz


Britannica Quiz


Famous Artists Quiz


ProProfs Art Quiz ( May be a bit buggy - if the quiz stops working or displays anything weird just skip to the next question.)


04/06/2012 1:17pm

How To Mix And Use Colour

A book that I can highly recommend is "How To Mixx And Use Colour - The Artist's Guide To Achieving The Perfect Colour" by Tony Paul (New Holland Publishers ISBN 1-84330-512-7) I have enclosed an article written by Tony Paul that appeared in the Leisure Painters magazine - which i feel will be of great use to you, but do bear in mind that colour reproduction on different computeres can vary.









10/09/2012 11:17am

Classical Cast Drawing

Last week we used the classical Atelier approch to drawing using classical casts. Drawing plaster casts gives practice in the careful study of a classical figure and an insight into figure drawing. Its smooth surface gives the opportunity to express tone and contrast, through measuring, observing and continuous tone rendering.

















23/08/2012 12:59pm

Recommended Basic Palette

Your basic palette should provide a wide colour spectrum and have a good balance between opaque and translucent colours. Aim to have a broad palette of about twelve colours and add to it when a particular need arises or when you discover new and exciting colours that work particularly well for you. You could manage -and it’s a good discipline to try- to use just six colours-two reds ,two blues and two yellows but I’ve made a list below of recommended colours as a basic palette to start you off. When you acquire a new colour ,test it at all of its dilutions and try mixing it with all of your existing colours to find out how useful an addition it will be- for example I don’t like Viridian Green at all on its own but you can make some spectacular mixes with it.














Recommended Paper

Machine made papers come in three surfaces Rough Hot pressed Cold pressed ( or NOT ie not hot pressed) Rough paper has a prominent tooth or textured surface- watercolour will pool in the indentations to make interesting effects. Hot pressed paper has a smooth surface- as if it has been ironed. Cold pressed paper has a slightly textured surface somewhere between the two. Standard weights are: 190gsm-90lb 300gsm-140lb 356gsm-260lb 638gm-300lb I favour the heavier papers because you don’t have to stretch them before use to prevent cockling.

02/05/2012 12:17am


Following our lesson on Silverpoint, I think you may find Silverpointweb.com a very useful and exciting website.









03/03/2012 11:17am

Corfe Castle Painting Lesson
















13/02/2012 20:02pm

Women in Art

I was researching pictures of the Mona Lisa and comparing faces of women through the ages, I came across this - I think you'll like it.









07/02/2012 17:02pm

Picture for classes on the 8th & 9th of February 2012









18/01/2012 19:17pm

Chinese Brush Painting Lesson























12/01/2012 18:07pm

Florence Academy of Art.com

For more traditional skills, have a look at Florence Academy of Art.com the student gallery has some excellent examples of classical methods of drawing and portraiture. The student galleries can be found here.

12/01/2012 17:38pm

Royal Academy.org.uk

Take a look at the Royal academy website. Take a browse through the current Royal Academicians and look at their paintings here.

02/01/2012 13:05pm
















04/12/2011 19:32pm











12/11/2011 16:32pm

Take a look at the Winsor & Newton website- I think you'll find it fascinating- it has lots of information about the pigment % products with hints & tips as well as their historic calatogue and the Winsor & Newton story. You can explore their online museum & take a factory tour.


12/11/2011 12:02pm

Pictures for classes on the 7th & 8th of November 2011









21/09/2011 12:02pm

Pictures for classes on the 21st & 22nd of September 2011